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Do you really want nutritional products that have been processed with enough heat to kill the enzymes? No. How about filler in nutritional powders? You don't want to know about that.

Do you actually understand all of the chemicals you are rubbing on your skin, shampooing with, brushing your teeth with are so bad they can even cause cancer? Right!

Essante Organics understands good health.

Essante Organics IS the emerging Green Giant in this industry and Green is not a gimmick for us. It is a lifestyle.

And if you are interested in the business side, Essante Organics has a Check Match up to 100% of your personally sponsored Managers and your monthly volume qualifier of 100 can be met with your online retail sales. And, WE are there to help build the businesses of those who show leadership and a commitment to take personal business ownership seriously.

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All Vegetable Greens with no filler, low heat processed.

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Essanté Super Reds Organic Powder

Berry Goodness with no filler, low heat processed.

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NOTE: Essanté Products are Gluten Free

Total Health meaning complete Financial, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual well being.

As a company, as a brand, and as a product, Essante Organics was born iconic. Michael Wenniger, one of the true icons of American business, realized that his years of experience and wealth of connections had prepared him to embark on an incredible journey. A journey that is changing the world as we live it today. A journey of GREEN - A Journey of teaching people the health achieved by using Organic, Certified Organic and/or Wildcrafted products for the entire family! And that journey is Essante Organics!

With a mission of delivering a platform for complete prosperity that would enable people to attain health and balance, Michael reached out to other professionals in the industry. After multiple discussions with his development team, the investigation began to find the ultimate ingredients recommend for complete Total Life Balance. Their answer: a 100% Green Company. And so it was clear that Essante Worldwide would introduce a product line that would be completely based on Organics.

The stars began to align.

Next came another meeting with the Natural Advisory Board with the fundamental question: “If every man, woman and child anywhere in the world could focus one thing every day for optimal health, what would it be?” Their answer was a complete formulation of Essante Organics products and a catalog that focused on "Green Living," functional botanicals that have been used by naturalists around the world for thousands of years.

Essante Worldwide's growing product line is a blend of Organics and/or Wildcrafted ingredients that are used for their powerful, beneficial properties. The blend includes botanicals that unlock the power and synergy of Organics and Wildcrafted from around the World. When they are combined, the synergistic blends deliver clean, safe products that are your source for True Total Health - products for life!

These Essante Organics products have been featured in more unsolicited media than all the competition added together for the last 70 years. The Essante Organics product line has been featured on Extra T.V. Eleven times - confirming their effectiveness and health benefits as well as the fact that these are the products that the celebrities are now using. Essante Organics have been featured in nearly 100 different national and international magazines including: US Weekly, Star Magazine, Vogue, Elle, Woman's World, You Health Connection and many many more.

With the most Effective Product Line in hand, Michael Wenniger assembled a world-class Executive team. These are talented individuals who are savvy business people and experienced in network marketing - each with a long list of impressive credentials. In a fashion that mirrors the brilliant formulation of the Essante Organics product line itself, these powerful managers and their synergy represents a company with vision, stability, compassion and commitment - all focused on delivering health benefits and financial rewards for you. The Essante Worldwide Family.

With the product and the Executive Team in place, Essante Worldwide has continued to innovate. An Operational platform was launched to unleashing the most rewarding, 100% Green Success System ever created for this Industry. Essante Worldwide's Bi-Max Success System is expected to become the talk of the industry for generations to come! The Bi - Max System has the best elements of compensation in social networking, and is designed to provide both short-term abundance, as it provides the stability to support the creation of long-term wealth. This program, coupled with the amazing 100% Matching Bonus that no other Company in this industry would dare deliver, positions Essante Worldwide's Independent Executives Bi-Max Compensation System as the most advanced and generous system you will ever find.

The stars have aligned and Essante Worldwide has introduced a platform to let you live healthy, prosperous and free. This company is led by "masters of prosperity" who are committed to deliver products to support the paradigm shift in life and wellness, and to creating a brand that transcends borders.

Now is the time to become a part of Essante Worldwide and excel -- be part of "The Next Generation" and "The Next Way of Life."

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Michael Wenniger Founder and CEO
Essanté Organics

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